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Una canción sobre partidas

julio 26, 2012

Aquí una linda canción de los escoceses folkies Broken Records.
“A leaving song” pertenece al recomendable disco “Let Me Come Home” de 2010.
Este año no pasé de manera significativa al grupo en la radio. Específicamente  sonaron una vez en Radio Clash la semana pasada. Sí tuve el buen tino de darle manija en 2011 durante las tardes de MUERE DOMINGO MUERE. Nunca es tarde para compartir buena música. Espero que lo disfruten.

Take me up my only love
For my body is tired
Want a night to feel cool
Against a skin which is bruised
And my heavy heart to rise

Speak to me my only love
‘Cause I can’t be alone
All I need is you to talk
About your days passing clothes
Pretend that we’re still young
We’ll be young again

Sing to me, the weaver’s song
‘Cause I’m not coming back
All the ghosts in this town
Are dragging us down
And I want to feel alive
I want to feel alive

So if you say goodbye
From this world of ours I will fly

You know my heart must soar
Against a weary sky
Above all I see and over the trees
We’ll share in the fields
‘Till I am underneath

So won’t you leave with me
Body and soul
Anywhere that we don’t know
Anywhere that please won’t break my heart

And anywhere that we might free
Anywhere that they can’t see
Anywhere that please won’t break my heart

And anywhere that we can’t rest
Another thought like this again
And anywhere that please won’t break my heart

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